December 21, 2009

Effects of Tax Evasion Petition

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Hi All,

As I had repeatedly suggested, that one should resort to filing a Tax Evasion Petition against the in-laws. I have successfully done it with good results. Here is a brief about it.

I filed a petition in June 2008. – No results

I filed another petition in August 2008, with a rider that I would be constrained to file an RTI. I got a reply on 3rd September asking me to deposit Rs. 100/- towards the copies of the investigation and registry charges.

I then checked with me sources in the family of my out-laws. And here is the version I got.

First Reaction of my Father-out-law to Income Tax Officer: Humne to mandir mein shaadi ki thi, jhoot bolta hai ki humne dahej diya. Changed immediately to, mere bete ne paise lagaaye the shaadi mein. Changed in the date at Income Tax Office, “Rishtedaaro ne gifts diye the.” And the Income Tax Department has her sworn affidavit attached with my complaint, which clearly states that she is fully dependent on her father’s meagre pension and she does not have the help of any other family member. I don’t have knowledge on what more transpired at Income Tax office, for which I am waiting for the response from Income Tax.

Reaction of my Brother-out-law on this: B&*%tard (No one had seen him so angry ever), Maine aapko bola tha usko jyada mat chedo. Meri naukri bhi khaayega. Mera naam “BILKUL” mat lena ki maine paise lagaye the shaadi mein.

Question of my lovely 498a wife: Jail to nahi jaana padega inko? Ab kya kare? Yahan to 5 lakh rupaye dene padenge? Agar yahan kah de ki kuch nahi diya to kya usko pata chal jaayega? Kya wo yaha ke paper apne case mein use kar sakta hai?

Other Relatives: Hamara naam mat lena.

The house descended in gloom and they did not cook the meal till 11PM that day.

The Income Tax Department has issued notice to him and given him 4 weeks to file a reply. I don’t know when the notice was issued but I know for sure that he has hired a good (read expensive) Income Tax Lawyer, who has categorically told him that my father-out-law would have to pay penalty and he can only try to minimize the damage.

Other effects of the same:

A> I saw my father-out-law yesterday in court. Sitting alone on the bench. He had lost a lot of weight and was visibly shaken. Was not able to make eye-contact with me. I see this in clear contrast of 25 people on their side Vs 2 of us defending ourselves in Police Station. And yesterday the person (my respected uncle) who had accomapnied me in Police Station was still with me but his family had deserted him.

B> I don’t take it as a conclusive victory but a butteresed compliment that her lawyer met me with lot of respect and mentioned, “mujhe tera vakeel hona chahiye tha, tu bahut mehnat karta hai”. And also, “Bahut tez hai bhai. Mein to inko kah raha hoon ab bhi samjhauta kar lo”

What my lovely 498a wife has got till now in last eight months:

> False ego boost by seeing me in custody for 4 days.
> False claims which could not enable them to get household items/ jewellary/ money from me, but became judicial proof that they laid false claim on my property.
> Zero Maintenance amount till now, she might get some on next date i.e. 22nd of this month only.
> Possibility (Surity for me) that many other cases are coming her way/ her family’s way. One of them would surely be for lying on sworn affidavit.
> Loss of family friends and near complete social boycott.

Amidst all of this, the only factor which still bothers me is that I still don’t get to meet my child despite repeated trials and applications. The day I would meet him, I would surely say once again.



Shonee Kapoor

PS: This post is to bolster the spirits of the people in similar situation as me. I still don’t want to instigate anyone in filing false petitions. Truth alone should suffice. And she levelled allegations on you is an accepted truth.

PS1: FM was playing this song right now, which I found hilarious while writing this mail;
Jhoot bole kauva kaate, kaale kauve se dariyo.
Tu maayke chali jaayegi mein duja byah rachaunga,
mein dooja byah rachaunga, Mein teri Sautan launga tum dekhti rahiyo.

PPS: I have done this activity in complete legal way, without paying anyone a single penny. I advise all of you to shun giving money in courts/ police/ other agencies to meet the desired objectives. Your application should carry enough weight for you to succeed.


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